Feb 2015 Update (continued)

Here are some photos of what the horses at  Smart Start are doing that are already trained.  Always striving for perfection for both the rider/handler and the horse, we spend time making sure the horse knows how to deal with fears, learns to trust us and will go willingly wherever we want and of course, perform the best that we can…

This past week several of the horses met “The Box”.  Wayne uses a box to teach horses all the things they need to be good at trailer loading.  The first photo is of Joanne’s horse Buddy that Wayne played with to “load” onto the box.  The next two are of Krystal and Safarr, I put them on myself.  Safarr wanted to smell the box as if to see if he knew any of the horses who had been on the box.  He was more interested in the smell of it than worried about being afraid of it.  (P.S.  Krystal really is prettier than she looks on the box).  Also, I put George on the box but my phone battery was dying and it wouldn’t take a photo….

Breaking down trailer loading into smaller steps.  Wayne with Buddy on "The Box".

Breaking down trailer loading into smaller steps. Wayne with Buddy on “The Box”.

Safarr on "The Box"

Safarr on “The Box”

Krystal on "The Box"

Krystal on “The Box”

About smartstartstable

We are a training barn that uses "Smart Horsemanship", a training method that blends 'natural horsemanship' with dressage that teaches horses the way horses learn, not how humans learn. It teaches them to think-- to have questions asked and to find answers. The Smart Horsemanship methods can be applied to any style of training but we focus mainly on dressage and trail riding.
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