The Trainers – Wayne Rivard

When asked to give a profile of who he is, Wayne Rivard  said, “It’s not about me, it’s about the horse”.

WayneThis really sums up Wayne but doesn’t help those who don’t know him learn more about him.  Wayne is retired from his “real job” but spent over 20 years training horses on the side, starting horses, working with problem horses, helping people learn to have a good relationship with their horse in whatever they wanted to do with it.

Wayne has followed mainly the methods of John Lyons and went through the John Lyons Apprenticeship Program.  This was Mr. Lyon’s program before he had the Certification Program.  Wayne has watched and studied many, many other trainers learning the good horsemanship they had and leaving the bad things they did behind.

Wayne has started horses under saddle, worked with problem horses, many of who were with big name trainers that couldn’t get through to the horses, he’s done trailer loading,  worked on horses for trail riding, helped horses be better performance horses and everything in between.


Wayne’s philosophy is perfectly fit to Smart Start Stable philosophy  –  It’s about the horse and it’s about the owner, whether they have us team up with their horse for them or they are hands on and want to be a team with their horse.





One Response to The Trainers – Wayne Rivard

  1. Julie dauer says:

    I would like to visit the stable and talk to Wayne about training my horse!

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