What We Have to Offer/ A Quick Summary

Here’s a quick summary of what we have to offer:

  • – Friendly, active, low key barn with supportive, successful riders
  • – Board includes daily turnout into huge pastures with small groups
  • –  Holding for farrier, vet, deworming and blanketing is all included in the board price
    • Training available for horses that don’t stand well for farrier or vet at an additional charge
  • –  All disciplines and riding levels welcome
  • –  Training is available along with lessons in dressage and good horsemanship (learning to handle your horse and ride in a safe, effective manner)
  • –  Home grown hay fed twice daily except when there’s plenty of grass in the pasture, then hay fed in the evening when horses come in.  Home grown oats with Equishine as a ration balancer fed in the evening.  Client supplied supplements fed at no additional charge.  We NEVER feed round bales.
  • –  Exceptional, consistent care for your horse;  owner/manager lives on farm.  Long term staff provide help with horse care and help with daily barn management.IMG_0563

There are a few more details below.  Check out other pages on the website for even more details.  There are photos included in nearly every page to give you a better idea of what it’s like at Smart Start.  Feel free to email or call for more info or for answers to your questions!

We have stall board for your horse, sorry no pasture board.  We like to know the horses are safely tucked into their stalls at night, no worry of coyotes, storms, or whatever happens spooking them through a fence.  We like to sleep knowing whatever trouble a horse can find in the dark out in the pasture is a non issue.

The barns and arena are heated, all horses are turned out daily to pastures into small  groups.

Smart Start Stable offers training and lessons for you and your horse (but not required)

Dressage clinicians are brought in, sometimes only for Smart Start Stable clients, sometimes open to the public for riding, auditing always welcome.  Check out the Guest Clinician page of the website to see what’s coming up. 

Suzette can set your horse up to be easy to do whatever you like with it whether it’s dressage, western, english, showing, trail riding, whatever you like to do with your horse.  Horses and their riders should be partners.

Suzette teach horses and their riders/handlers to communicate with each other in a happy way.  It doesn’t matter to her if you want to trail ride or show, she loves working with people who just plain love being with and working with their horse.  She works with dressage horses, trail horses, even a barrel racer!  She can help you and your horse be better at whatever you want to do with your horse.

Suzette’s favorite is dressage so if you want to learn more about riding dressage or want to show dressage, Smart Start Stable is the place to be!

Check out the other pages on the website for more details.  Thanks for checking us out.

(Sorry to say, at this time, we don’t have any lesson horses.)

4 Responses to What We Have to Offer/ A Quick Summary

  1. Nancy Geurkink says:

    Hi Suzette,
    I need to rehome Solstice, her present barn is for sale, so checking what is out there. O am wondering if you have available stalls and what your extra fees are for things like blanketing, supplements, what kind of fencing you have etc.
    Nancy Geurkink

    • We don’t have any stalls as of right now, probably not before May at the earliest. There are no fees for blanketing (only one blanket, no layering), supplements have to be set up by the owner but we will feed them. We have high tensile fence with white tape or cord about horse eye height. We have a couple pens with “mare fences”, two fences on the line with about 3-4′ between them so no nose touching. Two flakes of hay twice a day included, 2 scoops of oats. We NEVER feed round bales, ever. We bring horses in and out for the farrier if you use our farrier, James Collins. If you use your own farrier you have to take care of that on your own but any farrier is welcome.

  2. Terry G says:

    Interested in riding lessons and lease options for my daughter’s, ( 9 and 11). Do you do horse leasing?
    Terry G

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