2021 Show Season

After a year off due to Covid we are heading out to show what we’ve been working on since we last showed in 2019

The first show was Otter Creek in May. Krystal made her debut at 3rd Level, qualifying for regionals on the first tries and getting her score to be qualified to do a Musical Freestyle at 3rd Level, and Afires Spellbound (aka Sven) with Maia riding (also first time in a dressage ring) made his debut in the dressage ring for the first time with all scores in the 60s, two being 68% and being top of the class against ALL the riders!

Krystal and I in Third Level Test 1, scoring 66%

The second show of the season was at Alpine Farm in Long Lake, MN mid June. Krystal and Afires Spellbound (aka Sven) loaded up to show. Sven and Maia Becken topped the high score of the show with a whopping 74%!! It was their second ever dressage show and their first time showing Training Level Test 3!! Their lowest test of the show was 68%!

Krystal and Suzette did Krystal’s ever Musical Freestyle, showing at 3rd level. Music and choreography by Erin Boltik of Hoofbeats Musical Freestyles. They showed all 3 days, scoring in the mid to upper 60s each time.

Krystal is loving this Third Level stuff! Flying changes are a work in progress but show season is short, seize the day!
We have a wonderful time together! She loves her job of dressage and partner

July was the time for Opus Dei to start his show season! He started out with the Midsummer Dressage Show in Lake Elmo, making his debut with new music to his Second Level Musical Freestyle. Music put together by my sister Tracey Tolzmann! It’s her first try at musical freestyles and we are both having lots of fun putting it together! Oops and I scored 69.73% and then went to the Otter Creek Dressage Fest two weeks later and scored a 73%!! Enjoy!

Oops and I rode 7 Second Level tests in those two weekends and our scores ranged from 65% to 70%!!

Not to be a slouch, Krystal went to the Otter Creek Dressage Fest too and made her debut in Fourth Level scoring a 63.289% in Fourth Level Test 2! We also rode our Third Level Musical Freestyle scoring 68.967% with new music also by Tracey Tolzmann.

Below are some photos from the Otter Creek show: