Activities at Smart Start Stable

The people at Smart Start Stable all have a goal of building a better partnership with their horse, no matter why style of riding they have. Learning seems to be a theme for every rider here as we all know that everything we do with our horse is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop a better partnership.

Suzette is constantly working to improve her skills and takes dressage lessons almost every week from Michael Sjerven and some of her students take some lessons from him also.

Jane Braddock comes monthly helping everyone interested in honing their riding skills in the discipline they ride.

Anne Cizadlo comes when her schedule fits for clinic ride also.

Smart Start hosted two in house dressage schooling shows this year and they were a huge success! After the second show was over obstacles were set up for everyone to play with their horses with. That was a huge success and will be added to the activities again!

Below are some photos of the September schooling show: