Videos of Wayne working horses

A couple of video clips of Wayne working on Oops, teaching him how to deal with fear.  There have been many steps taken to get to this level and have it work out successfully.  Bring the fear level up without over exposing is so very important.



Wayne doing “fence work”.  He does this before getting on and actually, Wayne does step in the stirrup and put his leg over from the fence.  Break it down into small steps and nothing new seems like a very big deal.


Krystal has had countless hours with Wayne (and Suzette – major changes with Wayne’s work, support and practice with Suzette) helping her overcome her fears from previous training and her own natural fear levels.  Her progression and total change in how she deals with fears is nothing short of amazing.  This video is checking “where’s she’s at”, a refresher course to make sure she hasn’t regressed.  Wayne hasn’t checked her out with this much pressure in a couple of months.  She passed with flying colors!