Guest Clinicians

Jane Braddock, Focused Riding,  comes nearly every month to Smart Start to help riders perfect their riding skills, training techniques and partnership with their horse.  She specializes in dressage and jumping but is also wonderful with western riders.  Riding in balance and with softness makes us all better horsemen/women no matter what the discipline.

Here’s a link to her page:

Dates are set for Anne Cizadlo coming to Smart Start Stable summer 2021!

Wednesday July 14th

Wednesday/Thursday August 18 & 19

Limited openings for haul ins, contact Suzette if you’re interested in riding with Anne!

From 2019:

Wayne Rivard is coming to clinic this week at Smart Start Stable, Wednesday June 5 through Saturday June 8th, 9 am-6 pm. Horse sessions are booked but auditing is available for $20/day or $50 for unlimited days, lunch is included. Here are some video clips from when he was training here to check out. Love his little laugh, he really enjoys playing with the horses!


Dog Days group 2015

Smart Start at the Dog Days Schooling Show


Flagging involves both desensitization and sensitization



Oops going through a gate softly and on his own


Ground work, desensitizing the horse


Breaking down trailer loading into smaller steps. Wayne with Buddy on “The Box”.



From 2018:

Anne Cizadlo is coming Monday July 30 and Tuesday July 31 to Smart Start!  The Minnesota Half Arabian Assn is hosting Anne at various locations around the cities.  This clinic may have a couple of spots open for haul ins!  Get a hold of Suzette via links on this site or Facebook messaging if you’re interested!

Kristi Wysocki is coming again to Smart Start May 31 and June 1st!!  This will be the third time Smart Start Stable has hosted her this year and everyone, horse and rider alike, have learned an incredible amount!  She’s a stickler on having the basics right as everything else just falls into place and does an excellent job of setting it up for horse and rider to get the hang of what she’s wanting them to learn.   There’s a little video link to Opus Dei’s lesson on the “Suzette Working Horses” page on the website if you’d like to check it out.   Kristi is a USEF licensed ‘S’ Dressage Judge, ‘R’ Dressage Sport Horse Judge and an FEI 5* PARA Dressage Judge. Her students have also competed successfully through the Grand Prix Level.  She has competed several horses to the FEI levels, winning many regional and local championships through Grand Prix level including her USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. She has also successfully competed in the CDI arena with multiple horses students also have their bronze, silver, and/or gold medals.  She judges around the world and will be judging the USDF Region 4 Championships this year.  (This means that her last clinic here will be this one to avoid the conflict of interest rules before showing under her).

Anne Cizadlo came to Smart Start Stable to do a dressage clinic November 17-19, 2017.  .  Anne is a USDF Gold Medal Rider,  an “S” Level Dressage Judge and a great clinician.  Plans are in the works for her to come April and during the summer for more clinic time!


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