Always Learning!

One of the wonderful things about horses is that they are always learning and if we choose, we can always be learning. I absolutely love the journey with the horse, whether it’s my horse or one in training. I love helping my clients learn and improve. I am flexible to whatever the horse and it’s person needs and wants.

I can do full time training which is where I do all the training, riding, showing if the owner wants. Quite often horses spend the first few months (or longer) in full time training and then transition over time to the owner doing most of the work with their horse and take occasional lessons to help continue their skills. I put basic tools in the horse and once the horse understands what I’ve taught it can help “fill in” on the exercises until the owner gets the hang of it.

I have worked with many instructors over the years, I have clinicians come to the farm for everyone to join in the fun learning, and I have instructors come to help me and my horses. Below are a couple of current videos from this winter. I am so excited for the 2021 show season!

Here’s a video clip of Krystal and I working on Piaffe with Michael Sjerven in a lesson

Here’s a video clip of Opus Dei (aka Oops) and I working on Cavaletti with Jane Braddock, a clinician who comes monthly to Smart Start