Welcome to the Smart Start Stable website.  Feel free to browse the website and check out who we are and what we do.  The tabs on the top are of various categories of information.  The top tab that you see has it’s own page so you may click on that plus there are pages for each title on the drop down menu.

If you have any questions you can ask at the bottom of many of the pages and it goes to Suzette’s email or you can go to the contact page and it will send an email also.  The contact page is more “confidential”, the other pages act more like a blog and are visible to all who visit.

If you email and don’t receive a response within 24 hours, assume there was a technical difficulty.  If you call and don’t receive a call back within 24 hours, assume we couldn’t understand the phone number on the machine.  If we don’t have your number we can’t call you back.  This has happened more often than you would think.

Again, welcome!




About smartstartstable

Smart Start Stable is a training and boarding barn that uses foundational training, a training method that uses "natural horsemanship" type techniques which help make horses safer, softer and more responsive. These methods can be applied to any style of training but we focus mainly on dressage and trail riding.
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4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Dorothy Sankey says:

    Do you have any openings?

  2. Yes we do, give me a call, 715-549-6579!

  3. Jeremy Vogland says:

    You have any available space for one horse, I’m looking to board

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